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Nesreen M. Nez Iskandrani

Pure Maintenance of Kansas

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I help real estate agents and inspectors get rid of mold issues within a home/building. Pure Maintenance has managed to perfect the VaPure process to rid your home of mold. Using our patented two-step system, even the most difficult mold problems can be resolved in only a few hours. VaPure technology is not only quicker and more effective than old out dated remediation methods, but it also saves you money. If your home has been taken over by mold, Pure Maintenance has the solution.

It can be very unnerving when mold is found during the home inspection process. It’s one of those things that can turn an otherwise ordinary real estate transaction into a complicated ordeal. Visions of very expensive and invasive construction projects with workers in hazmat suits and heavy duty respirators come to mind. The horror stories we’ve all heard about the health effects of mold become more relevant and poignant. As a result, even minor mold concerns have been known to raise red flags and even “kill the deal”.

Whether a home has mold or not, a treatment using VaPURE technology can treat bacteria and viruses on all hard, non-porous surfaces in a home.  Your clients will love knowing that they are moving their family into a clean and healthy environment.

How it works?

The patented process consists of 2-steps during which, first, the home is entirely rid of harmful molds and their bi-products, and, second, the non porous, hard surfaces of the home are made a very inhospitable place for future mold growth. 

During Step 1 of the patented process the home is filled with a fungicide/hospital grade sterilant (an EPA Safer Choice product) made of industrial strength PAA. The off-gassing vapor makes it possible for the product to penetrate cracks, crevices, fabrics, furniture as well as seep into walls, attics and crawl spaces. The home is made PURE. 

During Step 2, Pure Maintenance utilizes an EPA registered antimicrobial protective agent to provide a residual defense on virtually every surface and item in the home, making it very inhospitable for future mold growth. 

Benefits of our Treatment

It may seem odd that a more comprehensive mold treatment such as this would require less time, money, and 

headache but it is actually true. Here is why:

Non-invasive and Quick - Because of the permeating nature of the vapor, very minimal if any demolition is needed in order to completely restore the home to healthy status. Pure Maintenance will strive to make sure a home is treated within the DUE DILIGENCE PERIOD or before the purchase of the home. 

Verified Results - Pure Maintenance uses an independent third-party, accredited mold lab to certify the home is free of unhealthy molds following a treatment.

Customer Satisfaction - Pure Maintenances is committed to making our customers satisfied. As a result, we have accrued a 4.9 Google rating. 

Safety - The product used for the mold has a green rating (highest) on the EPA's list of the safest anti-microbial

agents. It is effective, yet so eco-friendly that is breaks down to oxygen and water within a short amount of time, 

leaving no residue. The home can can be comprehensively treated and re-occupied on the same day.

Cost Effective - Because we are not typically tearing into walls, the cost is significantly less than traditional tear-

out mold treatments. The cost of a dry fog treatment is usually half of a traditional treatment.

Endorsement - Many realtors and health practitioners throughout the US partner with Pure Maintenance in real estate transactions to ensure the home is safe for the occupants, both current and future. See testimonials on the back. 

Warranty - Because this is a whole home treatment and due to the second step of the dry fog process, the home becomes very inhospitable to future mold growth. As such, There is a one year warranty that can be passed on to the buyer of the home. 

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Pure Maintenance of Kansas

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